About Us

Innovation LifeSciences (ILS) is a research based multidisciplinary organization established at the campus of Natural Science Research Institute (NSRI) in year 2012 dedicated towards various fields of whole Life Science Research and Development. ILS has successfully completed many assignments in the field of Biotechnology Research and Development. ILS has a team of dynamic professionals in the field of Plant Sciences, Animal and Plant Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Pharmacy, Management, Engineering, and Sciences from Academics, Industries and in depth knowledge of various areas enables us to provide end to end solutions and services.
Natural Science Research Institute (NSRI) is one of the first research organizations in the world that is established and fully dedicated for natural science and established and on January 01, 2012 in India. NSRI is considered to be a pioneer research organization in the fields of natural sciences where all the infrastructure and expertise are available to develop scientific methods for better protection and improvement of our ecosystem including whole mankind. NSRI is a multidisciplinary research platform having laboratories consisting of scientific personnel of various areas of whole ancient, modern and natural sciences. For administrative and scientific purposes the institute’s manpower has been grouped into several different R & D divisions interlinked together providing full technical and scientific support.


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